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offthewristcuff's Journal

Off the Wrist Cuff - An Off-topic Lolita Community
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Welcome to Off the Wrist Cuff!
For any community to run smoothly, there has to be some sort of rule structure in place. The Mods reserve the right to add on rules as we see fit. However, we'll try to keep the process fairly democratic for non-emergency rule changes.

* Those wishing to join the community must be approved by a Moderator. To join this community you must NOT have a blank journal with no mutual friends. The Mods may ask you to verify your involvement with the Lolita community should your journal look suspicious. This is to protect our members as best as we can from internet creeps.
* Please place images over 400 pixels wide under a Livejournal cut. (<*lj-cut text="YOURTEXTHERE"*>) This helps to save friend pages and layouts.
* Users logged in from Facebook will not be approved.
* Anonymous commenting is not allowed.
* Anonymous posts are not allowed. Anyone found making or promoting an anonymous post will be banned.
* Healthy debates are encouraged. Hurtful debates are banned.
* Keep all info outside of an LJ-cut safe for work. This means no graphic content. If you must post something graphic, please use an LJ-cut with a NSFW (not safe for work) tag.
* Please, no individual introduction posts. Group introduction posts will be made occasionally.
* There will be no individual sales posts in the community. If there is interest, we can post a "Garage Sale" post where everyone can comment with what they want to sell.
* Do not delete posts or comments.
* Above all, have fun and respect each other!

We are currently looking for reliable Moderators to assist with building and running the community. Think you've got what it takes? Send a PM to brieabrasive noting your interest and experience.

This is an off-topic community for those who are involved with Lolita fashion. There are plenty of places to talk about the ins and outs of Lolita, but what about the people behind the ruffles and lace? Off the Wrist Cuff is a place to share anything you'd like to talk about with people who have at least one thing in common with you. Off the cuff posting, if you will! Talk about movies, music, books, politics, what you ate for breakfast, DIY tips, brands, your least favorite prints...the possibilities are endless!

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If you'd like to become an affiliate with this community, please contact one of the Mods.